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After years of working with the group Starboard/ Severne around the world, and more recently in Europe and France, I decided to launch my own 100% Severne online shop which combines expertise, passion and commitment. Windsurfing is a passion, a way of life

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100% Severne Windsurfing

Severne 2022

Severne 2022 Online

En cette période de rentrée Severne Windsurfing lève le voile sur une partie de sa nouvelle collection Freestyle Wave 2022.  Au menude la marque Au...

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Severne S-1 2022

Severne S-1 2022

Le programme de la Severne S-1 Introduite en 2002 la Severne S-1 est la voile emblématique de la voilerie Australiene. Cette voile de vague ultra ...

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Severne Blade 2022

Severne Blade 2022

Le programme de la Severne Blade Introduite en 2004 la Severne Blade a su se construire une solide réputation au fil des années sur le marché des v...

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The Revolution


Ben Severne has been leading a revolution in his approach to windsurfing sail design since 2003. Most of the materials are designed in-house at Severne. Today, the vast majority of brands consider these same materials to be industrystandards.

The VX2 is the latest innovation in the quest to improve the performance of wave sails through superior materials.

VX2 is a vertically oriented X-Ply with increased fiber density for stability and control, reduced film thickness for less weight

The 2 stands for film thickness in mils.

VX2 laminate significantly reduces sail deformation compared to eM3 material.

Vertical stretch has been reduced by over 20% while horizontal stretch characteristics have been fractionally increased to improve the elastic feel that defines SV wave sails.

Available on Blade and S-1 2022