Clément Morandière, grew up in France and lived there for several years.

When he was not at school, he spent his time on the ocean or watching others sail and observing the nature around him.

It was there that he developed a lifelong love for the ocean. This direct proximity to nature also allowed him to see the plight of the oceans evolve.

After obtaining advanced degrees in business and international studies Clement then moved to Thailand, where he worked for Starboard, a well-known brand in the world of Waterpsort until 2017 and then for Severne and Starboard in France from now until 2019.

By combining passion and commitment Clément was able to discover the best spots, but also the most fragile ones.

When he came back to France in 2020, he created his first company with a mission: Fjord Lifestyle. Despite its success, he wanted to do more to change the world.

Looking at the panel of products, brands and players that windsurf there is too little commitment. For his next venture he decided to merge his love of windsurfing with a business model of fighting ocean pollution and global warming.

Each purchase made by a customer would allow him to make a donation to local associations that protect the oceans and fight against the effects of global warming.

He appointed the company Oceans Essentials to represent the spirit of adventure, optimism and determination he had experienced during his travels, but also the vital role of the oceans in our lives.

At Ocean Essentials, we believe that the products Severne are the best on the water, with an advanced philosophy and technology the Severne brand stands out in the world today for the durability and quality of its products.

Our business model:

In everything we do we challenge the status quo, both in the equipment we provide and in the way we offer it to you and how we interact with each other. We put the customer at the heart of our business. Our mission is to provide you with the best service, the best advice and the best equipment while preserving the oceans.

We have chosen direct online sales to offer you a personalised service. It is essential for us to have knowledge of SEVERNE Windsurfing products, Severne sails and boards are more than just windsurfing equipment - it is also a state of mind.

Clément Morandière is a recognized expert on Severne products.