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Color: CC2 BLACK


If you are looking for a harness that you can forget, then the AIR is for you.
The AIR is an ultra-lightweight waist harness, designed to offer maximum manoeuvrability.

The AIR's low-excess construction means that it absorbs very little water while sailing, giving you a totally free feeling during your sessions.
The inside of the harness is thermoformed with low-density foam and the neoprene Soft Edge gives you extra comfort


Developed by Team Severne with the help of 3D design, the AIR is ideal for wave riding, freeriding and is also suitable for foiling.

The AIR is the harness used by Ben Severne and Jaeger Stone and is a favourite among wave riders. This harness has proven itself over the years.

Designed to be worn freely, the bar pad prevents the hook from twisting when attempting to unhook quickly. The closure offers a minimalist design at the waist and holds the harness in place without any elastic compression with a quick release system. The overall profile of the AIR is kept relatively low to ensure maximum manoeuvrability

Available in XS / S / M / L and 4 colors


If you are looking for a harness that is forgettable when sailing the Air is our choice. From wave to freeride to foil, it is a versatile harness par excellence. The Air will guarantee you real freedom of movement: comfort and lightness will be the order of the day.

If you are looking for comfort and support for your lumbar region on long edges then you should look at the LUX model which offers an additional level of support.

Please note that Severne 's sizes may differ slightly from our European sizes. If in doubt please contact us, our exchange policy is 30 days so don't worry about trying it on at home.

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Size Guide - Sour of size

  • XS: 71 to 81cm
  • S: 76 to 81 cm
  • M: 81 to 86 cm
  • L: 86 to 91 cm
  • XL: 91 to 99cm

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