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Severne IQFOIL Sail


NEW SIZES FOR 2021 9.5| 10| 11

This is a purpose-built foil racing sail for the official IQFOIL class and will be the official support for the 2024 Paris Olympics 🇫🇷

The HGO is based on Severne's racing platform, which has already won numerous PWA titles and events.

In 2019, World Sailing called for trials in to select the equipment for the upcoming Paris '24 Olympics. When this opportunity arose, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel took the lead with Ben Severne to create THE ultimate foil sail.

Countless hours of R&D and brainstorming have resulted in a sail that will not only make you faster on the water, but will also allow you to reach impressive top speeds.

The HGO focuses on speed and ease of handling with a reduced luff curve and profile redistribution.

The control achieved through these design features allows any newcomer to foiling to reach competition level speeds in no time.

With its 7 battens, light weight and slim profile the HGO stands out on the race circuits for its profile stability and performance.

WArning: Item in high demand ‼️We receive HGO's every 6 weeks or so to ensure continuity of stock. 🚚

Available in 8 m or 9 m, we also offer all Severne and IQ foil parts on our website.

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