Severne Mast ARC SDM

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Severne's ARC offers a very good weight/performance ratio for those looking for a mast for their Severne sails at an affordable price.

Perfect for freeride sessions, the ARC is the strongest SDM mast with two fiberglass outer layers. Built on the same Apex mandrel for a lighter, stronger mast.

In short, if you're looking for a reliable, lightweight, performance mast without looking for pure performance the ARC from Severne will do the job perfectly.


Severne offers a range of masts based on weight instead of the carbon percentage that is noted on the label. Weight is a very relevant value simply because a certain amount of carbon is needed to achieve the weight. The weight, combined with the durability, says a lot about the quality of your mast.

The two main characteristics of carbon fiber are its excellent strength and lightness.

Severne masts are made exclusively from Toray Pre-Preg Carbon®.

The Torayca® prepreg is a sheet made by horizontally aligning numerous Torayca® high performance carbon fiber strands.

The Torayca is formed by impregnating thermosetting resin (matrix resin: mainly epoxy) containing curing agent into Torayca textile®, the former being called "Torayca® unidirection- al prepreg (UD prepreg)" and the latter, "Torayca® textile prepreg".


Ben Severne works with Italica, world leader in the production of high quality masts since 1994, with a unique know-how and a high quality production tool to allow the development of new products and new technologies. The masts are baked in an Autocalve oven.

The Severne team is based on the West Coast of Australia and is constantly testing all products in optimal conditions to ensure the highest level of performance.

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