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New Foil Board Severne Alien

In a nutshell:

The first board dedicated to the practice of foiling signed by Ben SEVERNE.

The new Alien is immediately noticed by its short length, less than 2m and a new volume distribution, available in 3 sizes 105 / 115 and 125L. With a moderate width and a very innovative deck plan this board will allow you to fly with ease and discover new sensations.

A 155L version is currently under development according to our information. 😉 (contact us for more information)

Ideal for beginners and fast progress in foiling, the Alien offers you enough stability for the first flights, from freeride performance to the first freestyle foil maneuvers.

The Severne Alien Concept:

Ben Severne has put a lot of time and effort into developing the Alien. After disappointing tests on normal sailboards, SEVERNE developed, as they often do, a completely new product "from scratch".

The Alien has nothing in common with a normal board. Shape, length, concave, mast position - everything has been adapted for foiling.

Technical data / Shape


The volume distribution is very important for a foil board. As the Alien is also used in windy conditions, where no water start is possible, the volume has been distributed in such a way that it is still possible to lift the sail despite its short length.

A large volume is located at the back of the board, which allows you to enter directly into the straps even before taking off directly onto the foil.

Length :

The shorter the board, the less lift you need from the foil to take off and stay in the air. The Alien is therefore of course much shorter than a "normal freeride board". Nevertheless, the shape is still long enough to easily keep control of the foil at high speed.


With a width of 65-67 cm, the Aliens are the perfect compromise between stability and maniability. The mast track is positioned to allow you to sail as straight as possible.

This gives you greater stability, as does the position of the footstraps, which are set for upwind flight.


  • The rider's feet are placed on either side of the foil's front wing and the straps are placed closer together for a straighter position.
  • This allows for smaller movements to maintain the trim of the foil, and keeps the rider's weight directly above the foil's lift.


  • The Alien's bottom shape has two sections: a front half to handle touchdowns and a rear half to accelerate takeoff speed.
  • From the forward mast track, everything is designed to make landings as smooth and gentle as possible. Big bevels, folded rails, a lot of rocker on the nose.
  • The large angles on all edges make it very forgiving when the nose hits the water from any direction - it prevents the nose from snagging.
  • From the foot of the mast, it's all about take-off. Sharp rails, tight rocker, parallel outline. The hull shape is flat for minimal drag, and has large cutouts to angle the front of the board upwards for acceleration and take-off.

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