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The Blade is the ultimate wave sail. It has been valuated by multiple magazines for its versatility, control and its lightweight, high quality construction. Special care has been taken to reduce the weight feel of the 2021 version and the range of use has been extended.

The handling will be great with its light weight that will make you feel like you are sailing a 4-batten sail.

When you need reliable performance in a wide range of winds, you simply can't beat the stability and control that 5 battens provide. The Blade offers a blend of smoothness and comfort that is especially appreciated by the lightest riders.


With a huge range of use, the Blade performs in a wide range of conditions with its stable profile and smooth power.

The Blade's comfort is a big selling point, even more so in rough and changing conditions.
You'll sail serenely no matter what conditions you encounter.


A new Dacron panel has been introduced on the front sight. It allows more flexibility under load, and gives the sail a better profile in gusts.

Constructed entirely of high quality X-Ply, the Blade is one of the most durable sails on the market, but its intelligent design also makes it one of the lightest available. Only 3.0 kilos for the 5.0m is the weight of many sails in the 4.2/4/5 hull sizes.

SpiderFibre technology drastically reduces the weight of the rig while creating a much stronger clew. The Dyneema X-Ply window allows for unrestricted vision, especially appreciated in wave conditions.

The top panels are constructed from a lightweight material: eM3. This reduces the weight at the head of the sail and the swinging effects of the rig when sailing.

The new eM4 material, very strong and light, is used in the lower area under the boom and along the edge of the sail where the stresses are the highest and where impacts are most frequent.

If you are looking for a lightweight sail that combines versatility, power and control in all conditions then the Blade will meet your expectations.

Available from 3.0M to 6.7


The Blade is one of our favourite sails, its versatility is a great argument, and it will be at the top of its game in ONSHORE conditions, delivering constant traction.

In strong wind and more irregular conditions we particularly appreciated its profile stability and control, it is a sail that does not pull too much on the backhand. Very balanced, it is easy to forget in surf conditions.

Its light weight will make your sessions longer and less tiring.
We recommend using the Blade with a Severne mast to get the most out of the sail's performance.

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