Severne Foil Freek 2021

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New Severne Foil Freek Sail

With the development of the Freestyle Foil, Severne has partnered with the talented Swiss rider Balz Muller to create a sail dedicated to this new sport.

The new Severne FoilFreek is available in 3 sizes from 4.4 to 5.2. All sizes are equipped with 4 battens for maximum lightness.

You can also use the FoilFreek in a traditional Fresstyle without foil. Compared to the Freek version, the FoilFreek is specially designed, with one less batten it is a sail that offers more power than the Freek.

The Severne Foil Freek is available on order in limited quality

Balz Muller's opinion

"The FoilFreek is designed to give you maximum lift. It performs with lightness and smoothness, even in strong gusts.

In terms of design, it is a slimmer sail that provides more lift, speed and control when sailing.

The FoilFreek offers a good sail profile even in light wind conditions! Its stability and handling make it incredibly efficient at getting you on the foil even with little sail pressure.

The difference between the loaded and unloaded state is huge, so you can put it in neutral and dodge it easily to take you from zero to huge in an instant. In addition, the profile of the sail can be turned off to provide the control needed to fly calmly through gybes or 360 degrees.

The FoilFreek was designed specifically for foiling, but when it comes to normal freestyling, this sail will make freestyle artists happy with its incredible acceleration and aggressive lift in light wind.

This sail will not only appeal to the daring foil freestyler, but also to any motivated foiler who wants to take their foil manoeuvres to the next level."

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