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Severne FoilGlide 2 Now in Stock!

The second version of the Severne FoilGlide 2, the ultimate Freeride Foil, is now available. It is the essential sail in your quiver for this new season.

The lightweight Severne FoilGlide 2 is designed for both beginner and advanced sailors. Super easy to use and operate, you will be able to take off without difficulty.

The moderate curve of the mast, combined with a tight leech, not only makes it easy to set up, but also gives you great stability in flight and very little drag.

With the development of the foil , Ben Severne and his team wanted to create a sail that was easy to use and perform well.

The Severne Foil Glide V1 The FoilGlide 1 was introduced to the Severne range in 2020 as a lightweight sail with 4 battens and 2 cams.

The FoilGlide 1 has benefited from the evolution of the HyperGlide and the HGO, which was very popular in tests and with many riders.

Ben Severne and his team are introducing a new version of the FoilGlide with the V2. The sail is evolving to provide even more performance in light winds and the arrival of a new version will satisfy riders who sail in very light conditions with an 8m.

What is changing in 2021

After the success of the first version, we could ask ourselves what Severne could bring for 2021. A lot of work has been done to improve the performance of the FoilGlide 2 in the low and high range.

The new FoilGlide 2 has an extra batten (5 in total) and an extra camber which gives you better shape retention in lighter conditions. (the 8m has 6 battens and 4 cambers)

The development challenge was to keep the wing extremely light in the hands and very easy to pump. To take off as soon as possible.

This is achieved with a light weight. The 7m weighs only 4.1 kilos on the scale, which is the equivalent of many 6m foil sails from some brands.

With its short boom of about 200 cm, the FoilGlide is a very manoeuvrable and enjoyable sail. If you are looking for a sail to sail in less than 10 knots of wind, the FoilGlide will surprise you with its performance.

The 6.0/7.0/8.0m versions are designed to be rigged on a 460 RDM mast, the smallest size on a 430. We recommend the mat Severne RDM Blue or the RED version for best performance.

New for 2021 the sail is equipped with a new and 3rd camber in the upper part of the sail and 5 battens. The 5ᵉ batten allows for better stabilization of the sail trough in gusts and significantly improves sail control. In 8 m the FoilGlide 2 is offered with 6 battens and 4 cambers.

One of the special features of the Severne Foil Glide is that it is rigged on an RDM mast. You can also use an SDM mast by changing the camber.

Severne FoilGlide 2 Technology

Severne sails use a combination of the best materials available on the market to give you the best sailing experience. Everything from the choice of batten material to the reinforcement and double stitching is thought out in detail. Severne sails are the lightest on the market without compromising durability. (A heavier sail does not mean a more durable sail).

Ben Severne is not only one of the most talented designers. He is also a windsurfer with a passion for detail and simplicity. In addition to developing sails Ben Severne also works on new materials. (Severne is the first brand to offer membrane sails)

The Severne sails have a dedicated production unit in Hong Kong that we were able to visit. With the most demanding quality control in the windsurfing market, no sails leave the factory without being scrutinized and tested. Every material is tested and verified before the sails even begin to be assembled.

Technical specifications

FoilGlide 2

Luff Wish Battens Cams Weight Mat
5 432 172 5 3 x RDM 3.3 SEVERNE 430
6 464 188 5 3 x RDM 3.8 SEVERNE 460
7 488 204 5 3 x RDM 4.1 SEVERNE 460
8 494 207 6 4 x RDM 4.65 SEVERNE 460

Our advices to choose your mast

Clement, Severne experts:

The FoilGlide 2 comes with an RDM camber set, for an extra 50 euros you can get the SDM Severne Camber Kit.

I recommend you to use a RDM Severne mast on 5m to 7m size .

For heavier sailors looking for power on the 8m, the mast SDM Apex Pro mast will be an option to consider.

For those looking for pure performance, with the best ratio of weight, performance and responsiveness I recommend the Severne RDM Red mast

If you sail in leisure mode and pure performance is not your priority the RDM Blue will do the trick, as will the mast Severne Gorilla which will suit the less demanding riders.

If you also want to make your life easier the Severne Triple Extension is a very good option with its 3 pulleys, putting the sail under tension is much easier.

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