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Severne Fox 2

Available in 4 sizes, 95, 105, 120 and 140, the Severne Fox is a best seller in the world, a unique board with a proven shape. If you like to go fast without forcing this board will bring you unique gliding sensations, straightforward acceleration without ever sacrificing control and comfort while riding.

The 4 reasons to have a Severne Fox in your quiver:

  • A playful board that is both fast and comfortable even in the most challenging conditions
  •  Ultra light construction with an exemplary level of finish
  • A wide range of use, you can put a wide range of sails on it depending on the conditions and your riding style.
  • You have all chance of becoming the fastest on your spot


The Fox has made a strong entry into the windsurfing board market. It is a unique board in its shape and construction. It is a cross between a freeride board and a race board. Furthermore, it has quickly made its place among the top boards, thanks to its performance and comfort level.

The Fox will allow you to ride fast, long and without forcing. As soon as the water becomes technical the Fox reveals itself. Going fast has never been easier than with this boat.

I've been lucky enough to sail a multitude of spots in Maui, Western Australia, Gruissan and each time the Fox has proved itself to be up to the task. As soon as the conditions become more technical, the Fox proves to be reassuring, and you can attack without ever worrying about losing control.


' 'Speed is nothing without control''. The Severne Fox 2 has been developed in collaboration with Ian Fox and the Severne WIndsurf.

With the initial goal of creating an ultra-fast board with an unprecedented level of comfort for everyday sessions, the Fox does not respond to the trend of wide boards, but is inspired by proven concepts.

The Severne Fox is a versatile board, designed to take your riding to the next level. freeride to the next level. It is less physical in the legs, easier in the chop than most boards you can find on the market.

Speed and comfort are the strong points of the Fox, a high performance freeride board, less technically demanding than a race board. It It allows you to launch yourself at full speed in the roughest waters you can find without worrying.

The Planchemag test opinion:

"Awesome comfort in the chop"


Dominated by a sharp front V, pronounced concave and bevelled rails, the Fox cuts through chop mercilessly while maintaining the comfort and directional responsiveness critical to high-speed sailing.

The length provides longitudinal stability, essential for safety and confidence in rough waters.

The continuous rocker ensures a smooth entry of water under the mast foot, which minimizes the pitching of the board. This is essential for This is essential when sailing on rough water and allows the board to be overpowered without overpowering.

Moderate width and a slimmed down tail promote control, while the careful design of the deck and pads ensure comfort.

The Fox has been tested in the toughest conditions in Port Phillip Bay, West AUS, Maui and New Caledonia.


To learn more about the construction of Severne boards go HERE


Hugues, 75 kilos

After a long time sailing on pure slalom boards (Starboard, Nove Nove, RRD...) I had the opportunity in 2020 to test a Fox that one of my friends had bought, a FOX 95. After a few rides I was conquered and decided to buy a 105!

I use the 105 between 15 and 25 knots, it is ideal for my weight of 75 Kg and sails between 7,5m and 6m. I boosted it with a 35 slalom fin, a Select Rhino, I only have one fin for this board.

What I like most about this board :

  • Its water feel which makes it both soft in the chop, and so lively in its acceleration
  • The possibility to "let go" whenever you want and without ever being afraid to even in overcrowded conditions
  • Its construction, original, aesthetic and well finished, it flashes on the water
  • Its planning start, you just have to cut down a little and off you go!
  • Its versatility and even if it marries wonderfully well with the NCX, it can also be sailed with sails with 2 or 3 cambers

The 105 is "THE BOARD" to have with you if you can only take one with you, it's "THE FUN" in all circumstances and endless slaughters... especially when the buddies start to grit their teeth when the conditions get tougher... you can continue to have the banana!

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