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Discover the new Severne Gator

In short: The Severne Gator is one of the flagship models in the Severne range and one of our favourites. The strength of the Gator is its extreme versatility. The Gator is suitable for a wide range of riders from intermediate to expert level, it is a sail that will deliver performance in all conditions and on all spots.

If you are looking for a high performance sail with a lot of feeling the Gator will satisfy you.

The Gator is available from 3.7 to 8.0

Gator Construction:

With a 100% X-PLY construction it is one of the most durable sails on the market and has been praised in magazine tests and by many schools and centers such as Réné Egli and Club Vass. The Severne Gator has made a name for itself over the years.

Designed to give you the best sessions the Gator is available in a wide range of sizes from 3/7 to 8m. If you are looking for a manoeuvrable, durable and comfortable sail then this is the one for you.

With flexible materials in the upper sections, this is a sail that generates instant power to get you planing. With a short boom length the Gator is more maneuverable than traditional freeride sails, ideal for maneuvering. When the wind picks up, it's a very easy sail to control.

The Gator sizes are individually designed, the smaller sails have a higher clew position and a bump and jump and wave oriented sail profile while the larger sail sizes are designed to generate more power in light freeride winds.

The number of battens has been optimized for each size to maintain a consistent, smooth feel while providing profile stability. The smaller sail sizes have stronger battens and the larger sails have lighter battens to keep the weight down.

We recommend to use RDM masts up to 7m and SDM masts on 7.5 and 8.0 sails with the new extension Severne Triple Extension

Choice of mast for the Severne Gator :

Having tested the masts RDM and SDM we recommend using a Severne RDM mast for sizes between 3.7 and 7.0. Heavier sailors looking for more power and responsiveness can go with theARC or theApex from Severne.

If you are lighter and comfort is your priority, then the most demanding will naturally turn to the RDM RED or the RDM Blue from Severne.

If you are looking for a good compromise between price and performance, the Severne Gorilla mast is perfectly adapted to the Gator and will deliver the expected performance.

Tip: you can also foil with the Gator, no need for a lot of tension on the tack of the sail

Technical specifications

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