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The NCX has been THE sail of choice in the Freeride category since its launch in 2009. Designed with the geometry of a racing sail, the NCX is a camberless sail, held together by 7 battens. More than just inspired by racing, the NCX takes design elements directly from the Mach to improve 3 main areas:speed, power and stability.

Available from 4.5 for windy days at the Wind Challenge to 9.0 for summer thermal breezes.
'' If you are looking for a fast, no-fuss sail then the NCX will surprise you.


Light in the hands while sailing. The cut under the second batten is also a factor, with a shorter boom for better control of the rig, so the NCX can easily be put on the deck of your board and take endless turns, effortlessly.

If the NCX knows how to be forgotten, the performance and the power developed are well present. It is like on a slalom sail but without camber, without a grin or pain. The NCX is absolutely not physical. Accessible to all.


Reducing drag has been the key to increasing speed. AERO-LINE battens and Mach torsion patterns dramatically improve aerodynamics and make the NCX the fastest freeride wing ever built.

More power. Deeper profiles under the boom generate more power than you can feel. Increased back hand pressure allows for instant acceleration when you want to go faster.

Stability has been further improved by adding tension to the body of the sail and reworking the battens to lock in power at low and high speeds.

The result is incredible control and handling. Combined with the shock absorbing properties of a camless sail, this guarantees a huge wind range.

The NCX has been praised by numerous magazine tests between 2012 and 2018 for its ease and performance.


This high abrasion area is made up of a single panel and has no exposed seams, thus avoiding any potential weak points in this area. Therefore seam related failures have been eliminated.

STABILIZING PANEL Key component of the sail's leading edge stabilization, designed in thicker Monofilm 188. This material has minimal stretch in all directions and allows the high tension of the sail to create a very rigid profile for instant acceleration and maximum wind range.

Another advantage of the low stretch properties of 188 Monofilm is that the designed sail shape is maintained for a longer period of time as there is less long term stretching. This is quite important as high loads can cause most sails to lose their initial shape quickly.


The lowered clew allows for a shorter boom and luff length, which reduces the swinging effect, increases stability and promotes overall rig maneuverability.

EM4 in the lower section, based on the proven eM3 platform, the eM4 heavy duty material contains twice the amount of X-Ply fibers and a greater film thickness to maximize durability. This new material reduces weight while maintaining puncture and tear resistance. It is used in the lower impact area of the sail.

The Severne is designed to be fast, comfortable and stable whether you like it or not. Its efficiency at low speed as well as in strong wind offers a wide range of sail use.

Ideal on a freeride board, it will also deliver the necessary power for freerace and slalom boards.

The test of one of our Sevenre customers for his first ride with the NCX 2021

Conditions : irregular wind from the North East from 15 to 20 knots, Côtes d'armor, sailing in "lagoon" flat and out in the sea in 50cm to 1m chop

Severne FOX 120 float with 40 cm fin
Rider 75 Kg

Rigged on a 460 RDM 100% with Wish Enigma
Easy to assemble, the mast slides by itself in the sail, I take the recommended settings and I put -2 on the tack (because wind irregular and to keep the power) and -1 on the boom

The sail is superb with a beautiful red color will flash on the water !!!

Right away I realize that I have more power for the same surface area compared to previous versions, with a bit of back hand in the non-planing mode, which allows me to pump and start quickly. It's very appreciable, especially since this back hand disappears as soon as I pick up speed.

The sail is very well balanced, we feel very comfortable right away with a shape that has formed as soon as we start planning and the bottom of the sail that rests naturally on the deck.

The upwind sailing is better than before, it's easier to join the buddies in pure slalom (floats with rails and fat at the back), the sail helps in the upwind sailing, it's clean.

The few tacks in 15-17 knots in the flat are easy, very comfortable, good relaunching, everything is "easy" on autopilot!

I used it on choppy water, the wind is stronger (17-20 knots As usual, the Fox works wonders in these conditions, and the sail too. We are never destabilized, and when we enter the areas of reefing it is TOPISSIME ... kicking the butt and we pass the 6th by shooting a little with the desire that it never stops! Pure pleasure...

One of my buddies joins me in Isonic and Blade, I am comfortable to hold it without worries, so much I am comfortable, in spite of the conditions.

Having sailed for years in sails with camber, I decided for a few months to privilege the pleasure and the simplicity to pass in without cambers...After tests on several brands I found with some, an increase of the back hand in over-cambered conditions, a balance not always obvious, a heading not always top and especially a loss of performances compared to the sails with camber...but it is not the case of the NCX!

It is not a revelation to say that the NCX is a very accomplished sail, because it showed since many years all its qualities. This year we have this extra power in the low range which was missing a little and still "this engine" with a direct feeling, top performance allowing to align with simplicity on runs with friends who have more technical equipment.

A revelation since I use these sails, with the plus of not taking the head, lightness, simplicity to rig and big plus: acceleration ... basically I love it!

If you need help, advice, take an appointment with an expert Severne

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