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New version of the Severne Overdrive with the M4 for 2021:

A high performance freerace sail. If you like a very stable sail profile for going fast, the Severne Overdrive is a very good choice.

Whether it's a slalom board, freerace board or WindFoil board, the Overdrive is designed to give you the best compromise between power, speed and comfort . It is compatible with RDM / SDM masts on all sizes.

With a 30% narrower sleeve than the Severne Mach 4 race sail, the Overdrive M4 offers outstanding performance while maintaining extra accessibility.

The new Overdrive shape is designed around 7 tubular battens and 3 cambers.

Available from 4.6 for Wind Challenge to 9.4 for light wind.

On the water:

Light in the hands the Severne Overdrive stands out for its top speed and ease of riding and use. With little back hand, it is a very stable sail and very easy to control when the wind picks up.

For 2021 the profile of the Severne racing sails has been revised with more aspect ratio to widen the wind range.

6 Reasons to choose a Severne Overdrive sail

  1. A sail that is easy to operate, easy to trim and has a high level of performance. No fuss when you get on the water
  2. Careful construction with high quality materials, which make the Overdrive lively and durable without compromising the light weight feeling
  3. Wide range of use, the Overdrive fits many boards
  4. Compatibility with RDM and SDM masts, rotating the cams is easy.
  5. The Overdrive sail is accessible and comfortable, and will allow you to sail faster without forcing.
  6. The Overdrive is a very popular sail in tests and by users and will be very easy to resell second hand.

Technical specifications

4,6 381 164 6 3,65 SEVERNE 370 RDM or SDM
5,0 402 167 6 3,85 SEVERNE 400 RDM or SDM
5,5 416 178 6 4,00 SEVERNE 400 RDM or SDM
6,2 433 186 7 4,40 SEVERNE 430 RDM or SDM
7,0 461 189 7 4,65 SEVERNE 430 RDM or SDM
7,8 489 200 7 4,90 SEVERNE 460 RDM or SDM
8,6 512 208 7 5,20 SEVERNE 490 SDM
9,4 520 218 7 5,40 SEVERNE 490 SDM

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