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Severne Pyro HD Board

"I wanted a board that would get high before everyone else, jumps as high as I wanted and takes the hard turns.' Philip Köster

Born from collaborative effort with five-time world champion Philip Köster and the Severne Team, the new Severne PYRO board has been designed to light up the spots.

The faster you go, the higher you go. Designed specifically to propel Philip Koster into the stratosphere, the Pyro puts speed and power first.

Check out the test here 👈

Available sizes 74 / 79 / 83 / 87 / 93 / 99 / 105


The Severne PYRO is designed to excel in a wide range of conditions. The strong point of the PYRO is its versatility, with its multiple fin configurations:

  • In Twin fins for those who like to sail with little grip.
  • Thruster fins to make the most of classic European conditions
  • Quad for when the waves demand more control and grip

While we can't guarantee that the PYRO will turn you into Philip Koster, it will take your wave sessions to the next level.


A monoconcave that turns into a V on the tail, creating fast, low-drag rocker lines down the center of the board. Ideal for getting out early on the schedule and keeping the speed up. With 5 slots, the PYRO is very versatile and can be set up to suit your preferences and conditions.

The loosest option. the PYRO is super fun and maneuverable. When there is wind and waves to play with, this configuration is Philippe's most frequent choice.

With its 3 fins, the PYRO starts early and will be easier to control in random conditions, or when the water has a strong current.

The option that offers the most control. When there is size that precision and extra control is needed.

The HEX4 system allows you to quickly and easily change fin settings - experiment and find what works best for you.

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