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Foil Severne Red WING 2021


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After more than 2 years of Severne Windsurf presents its first foil: the REDWING. The objective is simple: to discover the foil easily, to sail more, all while combining safety and sensations.

The team Severne team redefines the foil design to ensure simplicity and durability while delivering a quality product that is true to the spirit of the brand.

The Red Wing is easy enough for your first flights. It allows you to have fun and launch yourself into gybes, 360s and beyond.

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Setting up your gear has never been the most fun part of windsurfing. Adding a foil can increase complexity, so Ben Severne has strived to make it as easy as possible to set up.

A minimum of screws means less complexity. Only 2 different types of screws - short screws for the wings and long screws for the mast. Only one tool is needed: the 5 mm hex key was chosen for its long term reliability


All wing tips have rounded ends and are curved downwards.
The wing covers are designed to stay in place during installation, minimizing accidents on land.

The 90 cm mast provides sufficient height for proper technique, minimizing both landings and falls.
The rigid aluminium material allows for a consistent and reliable height, which increases control.


If you're flying half a meter out of the water, you don't want the front wing to move underneath you. Stiffness is the key to keeping the wings in a constant position.

The mast geometry maximizes rigidity.
19 mm thick x 145mm wide. Much stiffer and torsion than most carbon masts.

The fuselage end cap locks into the mast section.

The fuselage uses straight sections for directional stability and to maximize strength to weight ratio.


The 1400cm2 front wing has enough surface area to handle low speed manoeuvres while still being fast enough for fun.
A 95 cm longer fuselage increases stability and allows you to focus less on the foil settings.

GEOMETRY SPAN: Increased distance between the front and rear wing promotes stability, improves light wind efficiency, and smooths out the ride.

HEIGHT: The 900 mm mast reduces both touch and go. It provides enough height to clear obstacles and sail with confidence.

WIDTH:The 1400 kite is 760 mm wide, so it doesn't require a super wide board to control the lever. Suitable for boards from 65 cm to 85 cm wide.

The 1400 kite uses a profile designed to be stable and forgiving without sacrificing speed.


The DARK WEB uses a series of internal carbon stringers to increase stiffness while keeping weight to a minimum.

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