Severne S-1 PRO 2021

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If you are looking for a sail that is ultra light in the hands, and that guarantees you the best possible handling. The new Severne S-1 Pro 2021 has been lightened for even better performance. It is the benchmark 4-batten sail for Severne team riders like Jaeger Stone.

With a little more back hand than the Blade Pro, the S-1 PRO is designed around a monofilm center panel to provide maximum visibility in your maneuvers. If you like to surf and do hard turns the S-1 PRO is probably the sail you should add to your quiver.

Built with Severne' s exclusive new Carbon Fusion technology the S1 PRO 2021 offers an extra level of responsiveness . It is simply the most high-tech sail available on the windsurfing market today.

New size for 2021 4.6 and 5.0.


Check out our dedicated blog post on Carbon Fusion Technology 👈

Rather than adding the batten sleeve to one side of the sail, the sail panels overlap to create a channel for the batten. The tensioner is then loaded on both sides of the sail, creating even tension on both sides of the foil.


The S-1 PRO is extremely light in the arms, it feels a bit soft but it is actually the choice of materials and the perfect control of the stresses in the profile that gives the sail a very smooth and direct feel.

The 4 batten LaS-1 Pro has a wide range of use, its reactivity and its increased control offers a lot of drive when you are in a curve.

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The S-1 Pro is available in limited quantities

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