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Why choose a Turbo GT?

At Ocean Essentials we love the Turbo GT for its ease of use and performance. If you're looking for a sail with a camber to give you a slightly more "locked in" profile than a sail without a camber, then the Turbo GT is the sail for you. If you are sailing on gusty waters and windless areas like lakes the Turbo GT will keep you planing without forcing you. For those who like to sail with a big edge in the straps, the Turbo is an excellent choice, less physical than the Overdrive or the NCX.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Turbo GT when sailing with a foil. With a slightly tighter leech than the NCX the Turbo GT delivers consistent power, ideal for stable foil sailing.


Versatility, power and lightness are the key words for this Severne sail.

The Turbo GT has been a reference in the Freeride category since its launch.

🚀 For 2021 the Turbo GT is evolving and is getting closer to the geometry of a Severne racing sail with a slightly more compact profile, the Turbo GT is held by 6 battens and in all sizes to guarantee you a stable profile

Available from 5.5 for windy days and lighter to 9.2 for summer thermal breezes and larger freeride boards.

'' If you are looking for an easy sail with a bit of power in your arms but no headaches then the Turbo will surprise you.

Clement has been using the Turbo for over 4 years while working on the development of Starboard boards with Remi Villa and Tiesda You. The Turbo's settings are no longer a secret to him.


The Turbo is a light in the arms sail that delivers some form of static power, you don't need to know how to pump to go planing in the lightest of winds. For the more experienced pumpers the Turbo Gt will be a great choice with an impressive low range.

In classic finned sailing the Turbo GT is very stable with a well locked profile. When the wind picks up the Turbo is still easy to control and the light weight of the sail is particularly appreciated. It's not as stable as a race sail when you're overpowered, but the Severne Turbo GT is still an excellent sail.

We liked how easy it was to set up the sail, the cambers are smooth. If you like to sail in light winds with a sail that offers plenty of room for repositioning or acceleration, the Turbo GT will be an excellent choice for your quiver.

All sizes of the Turbo are compatible with an RDM or SDM mast except for the 9.2 which is rigged on an SDM mast exclusively

For 2021:

More power. Deeper profiles under the boom generate more power than you can feel. Increased rear hand pressure allows instant acceleration when you want to go faster.

Stability has been further improved by adding tension to the body of the sail and reworking the battens to lock in power at low and high speeds.

The result is incredible control and handling. Combined with the shock absorbing properties of a camless sail, this guarantees a huge wind range.

The Turbo GT has been acclaimed in numerous magazine tests between 2012 and 2018 for its ease of use and performance.


STABILIZATION PANEL Key component of the sail's leading edge stabilization, designed in thicker Monofilm 188. This material has minimal stretch in all directions and allows the high tension of the sail to create a very rigid profile for instant acceleration and maximum wind range.

Another benefit of the low stretch properties of the 188 Monofilm is that the designed sail shape is maintained longer as there is less long term stretching. This is quite important as high loads can cause most sails to lose their initial shape quickly.


The lowered clew allows the boom and luff length to be reduced, which reduces the swinging effect, increases stability and promotes overall rig maneuverability.

EM4 in the lower section, based on the proven eM3 platform, the eM4 heavy duty material contains twice the amount of X-Ply fibers and a greater film thickness to maximize durability. This new material reduces weight while maintaining puncture and tear resistance. It is used in the lower impact area of the sail.

The Severne is designed to be fast, comfortable and stable whether you like it or not. Its efficiency at low speed as well as in strong wind offers a wide range of sail use.

Ideal on a freeride board, it will also deliver the power needed for freerace and slalom boards.

Technical specifications

5,5 400 + 33 177 4,10 400
6,0 430 + 13 182 4,21 430
6,5 430 + 30 186 4,40 430
7,0 430 + 32 190 4,60 430
7,5 460 + 26 195 4,79 460
8,1 460 + 31 205 5,02 460
8,6 490 + 2 215 5,19 490
9,2 490 + 26 218 5,44 490

About the cambers:

  • Sails from 5.5 to 6.5 come with Severne RDMcambers
  • Sizes 7.0 to 9.2 are supplied with SDM Severne cambers.

Our tips for choosing a mast with your Turbo GT:

The lightest riders and those looking for more comfort will be able to opt for the Severne Gorilla and RDM Blue mast range. The more demanding riders will opt for the RDM RED to gain lightness and responsiveness in the rig.

Riders looking for power in their rigs can use the Severne ARC masts, the Apex and Apex Pro.

If you're looking for a powerful mast but don't want to invest in a high-end version, the ARC and Gorilla are perfectly suited for recreational use.

If you're looking for a more edgy mast to pull you around, the RDM Blue and Apex will meet your expectations.

Finally, if you are looking for the best performance  the RDM RED and the Apex PRO will meet your expectations .

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