Severne Blue Line Boom

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In short: a light and rigid boom

The Severne Blue Line has been developed for those who are looking for strong, light and aluminium boom, with a construction monobloc aluminium, it is ideal for large sail sizes with its upper diameter of 33 mm it will be very pleasant in the hands while sailing.

Also, available in 140-200 for smaller freeride sail sizes


It is among the stiffest aluminum booms on the market. By optimizing the thickness of the walls and a diameter larger towards the back of the boom.
With the Lockjawsystem the pressure is distributed evenly to reduce stress on the mast and provide stiffer  and more responsive rig.

Severne booms are built to last, with special attention paid to details such as the boom grip. Che one-piece EVA foam construction is seamless for added durability. The Severne grip provides an excellent grip for optimal comfort.

Weight of the Severne Blue Line Wishbone

Model Weight (kg)
blue line boom 140-200 2.54
blue line boom 160-220 2.76
blue line boom 180-240 2.9

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