Severne Enigma Freemove Carbon Boom

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Presentation :

Enigma booms are custom-made in small quantities to guarantee in small quantities to guarantee the best performance. Constructed entirely of pre-impregnated carbon fibre to ensure the perfect balance between stiffness and lightness.

If you are looking to boost the performance of your rig than the Enigma will surprise you.

The Enigma is quite simply the lightest boom on the market, but also the stiffest and most durable boom you can find.

The Enigma is equipped with Severne's Lockjaw foregrip system to provide a simple and reliable connection between your mast and your boom.


The Enigmas are custom-made, in molds designed exclusively for Severne whose production meets a very precise specification with the aim of offering the best stiffness to weight ratio.
The Severne boom offers a small diameter for grip (26 mm and 27 mm for the 170).

With the Lockjaw system, pressure is distributed evenly to reduce stress on the mast and provide a stiffer, more responsive package.
Severne booms are built to last: special attention is paid to details like the boom grip.

Constructed of a one-piece, seamless EVA foam for added durability. The grip provides an excellent grip for optimal comfort.


The profile is wider at the front for easier maneuvering and narrower at the back for fasterresponse.

With the Lockjaw system, a simple pressure will be enough to close the front handle.
The 160 and 170 versions are wider and are perfectly suited to freeride sails.


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