Wishbone Severne Metal V2

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Presentation of the Severne Metal boom.

The Severne Metal V2 boom is designed for you offer an aluminium boom, reliable, light and rigid.

The Severne Metal is constructed from T8 aluminium with a shape optimized for wave and freeride riding. Its monocoque construction guarantees reliability and durability.

The strength of the Severne Metal boom is that it combines lightness and strength. It is stiffer than some lower-end booms you can find on the market. It is very comfortable to hold with its 26 mm tube diameter.

The Severne Metal is available in 4 sizes from 140 to 170 cm.

The two smaller sizes are ideal for freestyle Wave sails the two smaller sizes are ideal for freestyle sails with an RDM front handle.

The 160 and 170 versions will fit perfectly on all round sails like the Severne Gator and or the Convert

Note that the front handle is suitable for SDM mast diameters. You will also be able to use it on RDM smaller diameter masts without the need for an adapter.

Only Severne booms with RDM handle need an adapter to be used on standard diameter masts (SDM)

Find out more about our blog post on how to choose a boom.

The Severne Metal is equipped with the Severne Lockjaw front handle system. This system offers you a simple and reliable connection between the mast and the boom. Check out the video on the Lockjaw system below.


If you are looking for a comfortable boom then the Severne metal boom will satisfy you with a small diameter for grip (26 mm). A thinner diameter boom is more comfortable to ride and offers extra comfort.

With the Lockjaw system, the pressure is distributed evenly to reduce stress on the mast and provide a stiffer, more responsive package.

Severne Booms are designed to last: Special attention has been paid to details such as the boom grip.

Constructed from a single piece of seamless EVA foam for increased durability. The grip offers an excellent grip.


The profile is wider at the front to make manoeuvring easier and its narrower section at the back gives you a faster response, you keep the rig's energy closer to you while enjoying extra comfort.

With the Lockjaw system, a simple push will close the front handle and the quick release system will have you on the water in less than 5 minutes.

The 160 cm and 170 cm versions are wider and are perfect for freeride sails.


Severne Metal V2 boom weights

Model Weight kg)
METAL 140-190 2.63
METAL 150-200 2.74
METAL 160-210 2.85
METAL 170-220 2.95

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