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One of our favorite Severne board ! If you need advice on how to choose your board, don't hesitate to make an appointment with a Severne expert.

If you like to surf down the line and stay in control then the Mako is for you. With its traditional outline, combined with modern shape features the Mako is the ideal board for surfers.

The narrow width and pronounced stance between the feet recreate the parallel rail effect for efficiency, acceleration and control.

We tested the MAKO in a wide range of conditions, and it proved to be very
versatile, including in onshore and side onshore conditions that we often find in European conditions.

The Mako can be used as a quad for S turns or as a thruster for side onshore or depending on your style. We preferred the Quad configuration which gives it more grip.


With a shape focused on control and stability, this board gives you the confidence to improve your surfing.

Wider foot spacing and longer reach between the base of the mast and the footstraps give a very comfortable position from which to launch your power in any movement.

Slim rails combined with a low profile squash tail make the Mako a true surfboard.

The Mako is available from 74 to 91L in a single high-end wave reinforced Carbon construction.


In terms of planing starts, the Mako holds up well.It needs a little more wind than compact boards like the Nano or Pyro.

Its range of use is optimized for strong wind, with a great control in strong wind to sail with a small sail.

It is super fast and responsive in a straight line. The Mako offers good directional stability and upwind ability.

In the waves, the Mako likes to go fast, and get the rail into the water at the bottom turn. It has no control problems, in fact it is both incisive and reassuring.

It is a board that is very comfortable in the down the line and big curves on the rail while showing itself modern at the time of the roller. When the wind and / or waves are good, it is a real treat to turn with precision and power.

In soft waves, under power, it's a bit more technical to get the best out of it on the small curves sequences.


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